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Can a Garage Door Work Without Springs?

Can a Garage Door Work Without Springs?

If you’re finding yourself struggling to open your garage door, the most likely cause would be a broken or nonfunctional spring. But how important can this small component of a garage door be when it comes to its usability? Well, as it turns out, very.

A garage door cannot work without springs because the springs play a crucial role in providing adequate force that can counterbalance the door’s weight. For this reason, they’re essential in providing you with safety while making sure that the mechanism doesn’t go off track.

These components are so important that not only should you not use the mechanism without them, but you should also never attempt to fix or replace them yourself. In this article, you’ll learn more about: 

  • Why a garage door doesn’t work without springs
  • What you should do if your garage door has a broken spring
  • If all garage doors use springs

Why Can’t a Garage Door Work Without Springs?

Without functional springs, you can never use a garage door normally, let alone in its maximum capacity. What we call a “spring” is a small mechanism that allows the user to lift and close the door quickly and smoothly without damaging it. They also help prevent serious injuries that may occur in their absence.

A garage door can’t work without springs because the springs provide safety, ease of movement, and overall convenience. Opening the door without them, although not impossible, isn’t recommended, as it can lead to severe injuries and material damage. 

First of all, the springs ensure your safety. They keep your garage door from shutting, falling, or swinging abruptly, resulting in dangerous, health-threatening accidents. Keeping the structure intact prevents any additional damage to the garage door itself or surrounding areas.

Springs are also necessary for providing smooth and proper movement to a hefty structure that can weigh up to 400 lb. (181.43 kg). They work against gravity to move your garage door in a way that protects you and your surroundings

For this reason, they require care and attention because frequent usage of your garage can make springs wear out quickly. Paying adequate supervision and tending to them on a regular basis is of great importance if you don’t want to end up with a garage door that won’t open half an hour before work.

You Can Open a Garage Door Without Springs, But It’s Dangerous

Manually lifting and pulling a 200 lb (90.71 kg). metal door is never easy or convenient, especially if you want efficiency in getting in and out of the house. That’s why using a garage door without springs isn’t only dangerous but also wildly inefficient. It requires a large amount of effort and time for a process that can be adequately finished within seconds.

Although with enough force, it’s possible to open a garage manually. However, it’s highly inadvisable. Not only will the door be hard to open, but it also will likely not stay up without support. It would make the whole process very dangerous, inconvenient, and overall not worth it. Not to mention that it would require several people to get in and out of the garage.

In the case that your particular door has two springs and only one of them doesn’t work, you may still be able to operate the mechanism somewhat normally, but only if you must. Even in this case, you should contact a professional as soon as possible. 

It may seem extreme, but a single spring can’t carry the door’s entire weight in this case. The added pressure that this mechanism will handle can make it wear out quickly. A worn-out spring may give in at any time, making it a hazard. 

Remember that continuing to use the garage door when one of the components has failed will also lead to premature failure of other components. You also need to make sure that the door stays level at all times.

I want to reiterate that maintenance is crucial when it comes to springs. While it is true that they can last up to 14 years, frequent check-ups are necessary. 

Although you may think you have several more years before needing a change of springs, the ones you have may be damaged and in poor shape. It puts you at risk of a sudden collapse that can leave you stranded or even injured.

Should You Fix the Garage Door Yourself?

You shouldn’t fix the garage door yourself if it has a broken spring. Call a professional at the first convenient instance. Only they have the adequate expertise and knowledge to repair or replace an unfunctional garage door spring. Fixing the door yourself without the right skills can be dangerous.

Unlike other garage components, springs are parts that you can’t fix with some general knowledge. You need to have specific information for choosing the right spring type and installing it adequately and safely.

Doing this isn’t just an over-the-top safety precaution, as installing the springs is one of the most difficult processes in building a garage. Lack of experience has led to fatal injuries in the past, either during installation or after the fact. For this reason, as soon as you detect a problem with your springs, call several professionals and choose whoever is available first. 

You generally will notice a broken spring by hearing a loud noise, seeing the problem visibly, or when you can’t open the garage door. Detecting warning signs before a crisis occurs can be a bit trickier, though. Therefore, make sure to conduct thorough searches and check-ups frequently.

Do All Garage Doors Use Springs?

All garage doors in the market today use springs. The type of spring can vary from product to product, but the mechanism in itself is present in every door. Without it, the structure can’t function normally.

Depending on the storage door and its qualities, you can use either a torsion or extension spring. Heavier or bigger doors may even require several springs to operate efficiently (source). 


A garage door cannot function without springs. They’re essential in providing safety, ease of movement, and general convenience. For this reason, taking adequate care of your garage door and its mechanisms is vital. If one of your springs is damaged, don’t try to fix it yourself; always call a professional instead (source).

As of today, all garage doors use springs. They may vary in type or quantity, but they’re also crucial in ensuring your garage door functions efficiently.

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