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Are Fiberglass Doors the Best Option? Pros and Cons Revealed

Are Fiberglass Doors the Best Option? Pros and Cons Revealed

Many house owners enjoy renovating their houses and, in the process, are looking into new options for doors, like fiberglass. Figuring out which material is best when replacing a door may be somewhat intimidating at first, especially considering how many options there really are.

Fiberglass doors are widely considered the best option because of their low maintenance, high durability, and great appearance. However, they are also one of the most expensive doors on the market, along with other disadvantages.

Fiberglass doors are the best option for the majority of homes, but there are some downfalls. If you’re curious about whether or not fiberglass doors are the best option for you and your home, this article is for you. Keep reading for the pros and cons to help you weigh your options. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of a Fiberglass Door? 

Fiberglass doors are like any material. They have multiple advantages and disadvantages. This will typically depend on your needs and where you plan to use the doors, external or internal. 

Pros of Fiberglass Doors 

Fiberglass is well known in the renovation community for a large number of advantages to using them. These tend to vary depending on each homeowner’s needs, and some do still prefer other materials over fiberglass. However, it tends to the most adaptable to any needs you may have.

Fiberglass Doors are Durable

This is highly important if you plan to use the fiberglass door as one of your external doors. They are very durable and work well in almost any climate, including extreme weather conditions.

Many people enjoy this door because it is well known to resist warping, cracking, or even rot. Along with this, the largest competitor against fiberglass doors for durability is steel doors. 

However, unlike steel doors, fiberglass will not rust or corrode over time. It is a well-known material to be long-lasting. Some even say up to a hundred years.

Fiberglass Doors Look Nice

This is highly important for most people, as they tend not to want to sacrifice the overall look of a door. Fiberglass is great for imitating the look of real wood doors but leaves out the stress of maintaining it as a wood door would require.

While you can tell the difference, if you inspect a fiberglass door closely, it still puts up a great appearance that can shock many homeowners. 

Some fiberglass doors can even imitate real wood so well that even pros can’t tell until they inspect them closer. You can even get other styles that are just as beautiful that will never betray precisely what material it is. 

Fiberglass Doors Can be Modified

Something many homeowners enjoy about their fiberglass doors is that they can be modified; however, you may like. These can mean repainting the fiberglass if you ever decide to renovate your home, or even adding some blinds.

One of the biggest concerns is if the durability of the door will prevent you from drilling into the door to add extra modifications. However, you can drill through the door; it will most likely just dull your bit faster than other materials may.

Fiberglass Doors are Easy to Install

Fiberglass doors are not only easy to maintain compared to other doors but also very easy to install. This can be important for anyone who may not be used to doing this kind of work and are concerned that they may incorrectly. 

While you can hire someone to assist with the installation, most people find it simple enough to do it themselves, depending on where you plan to install the door.

Fiberglass Doors Conserve Energy 

Fiberglass is great for reducing heat transfer, which in turn reduces your electric bill since it will require less power to regulate your homes temperature always. This will help the overall comfort and ease of living in your home, without the stress of the outside coming in.

Fiberglass Doors are Adaptable

These doors do come in a wide variety of different sizes, styles, and other such design choices. This makes it a lot easier to find a door to fit almost any opening while still matching your home’s overall appearance.

This is a great solution, especially in older homes, as they tend to have somewhat unorthodox door sizes compared to modern homes. Fiberglass will allow you to find the perfect door while still keeping up the appearance of the home.

Fiberglass Doors Provide Security

As I mentioned above, fiberglass is made to be extremely durable. This also means in the case of home safety and keeping others out of your home. Fiberglass doors will usually come with secure locks and are made to deter criminals from attempting to break into your house.

Since these are well known for how durable they are, most of these doors will also provide a great warranty to provide more security. There is an essential factor to consider for many, and can often sway their decision when they are deciding if they want to switch to fiberglass over other materials.

Cons of Fiberglass Doors

While there are many pros to having a fiberglass door, it is also essential to consider why some people decide against them. These cons may affect your decision overall or help you in the debate on which material will work best in your home.

Fiberglass Doors are Expensive

The biggest con almost anyone will ever talk about concerning fiberglass doors is that they are among the most expensive options on the market. You can find cheaper options for fiberglass doors, but this may come with the risk of a low quality, which would defeat the overall purpose of them. 

Many people cannot afford a new fiberglass door, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. Other people are always selling pieces of their home as they upgrade, meaning it isn’t impossible to find a used fiberglass door somewhere. This can help you save on cost, but it does come with the downfall of a used door and limited options on appearance.

Fiberglass Doors Are Hard to Customize

While you can add new modifications that I mentioned above, some you will be unable to do. Since the fiberglass door is so durable, it is nearly impossible to cut it down if to make it fit a door frame. 

The solution to this is to buy the correct door size; however, this could become pricier. Having a manufacturer produce a door that is not the standard size can require more effort on their part, which can be more expensive for you.

As I mentioned, these doors are a great solution in old homes due to the ability for them to fit almost any doorway size. However, they require more effort to install in these cases since they typically come with their door frame.

While this may be more intimidating to work with, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t still use the fiberglass door. If you feel unsure of installing it yourself, you would need to contact a specialist to assist with doing so. 

Final Thoughts 

Fiberglass doors are an excellent option for most. The biggest issue, and determining factor in purchasing a fiberglass door, tends to come with the price and installation. Naturally, this depends on your home.

These doors are highly durable, and many enjoy that they have the great appearance of a wood door without the endless amount of maintenance that is typically required.

While there are many advantages to having a fiberglass door, it can be challenging to purchase them due to the price alone. Finding used options may help, but it is essential not to go for some cheaper options as they tend to lose a lot of the essential qualities of fiberglass. This could defeat the entire purpose of switching to fiberglass at all. 

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